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Reduce your stress, Increase your profits!



Making it easier for your customers to buy will inevitably increase your sales.

How much does a business lose because diners couldn’t attract a member of staff, didn’t want to rejoin a queue, or felt uncomfortable leaving belongings unattended to go and place an order?

MenuMog removes all that, and allows additional orders to be made with a simple click!

Still not enough? MenuMog can also up-sell products with clever UI design, without any pressure for the customer.



With MenuMog, your customers pay when they order, using either their bank card or digital payment which makes everything much easier to manage.

Your staff don’t need to manage customer payment as part of their responsibilities, and table turn-around is much smoother!

Faster Service,

Fewer Errors

MenuMog users pay when they order, and have a short window within which they can edit or cancel.

With the order sent directly to the kitchen, there are far fewer opportunities for Human error!


MenuMog diners can take a seat and, with the exception of bathroom breaks, never really have to leave it!

This ensures a nice flow around your premises, where people are able to focus on having a good time, and not the safety precautions!

Stay close

while socially-distancing!

A Personal Service,

and Tailored


MenuMog allows diners to create a profile which then tailors your menu based on their preferences or allergies!

If a diner chooses to share their basic information with the places they visit, your staff will have access to all they need to offer a warm and personalised service!

Those diners will also welcome marketing and incentives related to their personal MenuMog choices!

Greater Exposure on

Social Media

MenuMog diners are encouraged to share their experiences with their social media pages in return for rewards.

Whether it be pictures of your food, videos of a group dinner, or simply a star-rating and review, diners can benefit from sharing their experiences in your business online.

With MenuMog, increase your social media engagement, personalise your relationships and reach a wider market.

You’re Easy to


Your business and your menu will be easier to find than the car keys, for MenuMog diners!

Whether typing into a search bar, or using their phone’s GPS, diners will be able to find you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need any equipment to use MenuMog?

Yes, as MenuMog is a website you’ll need to access it using any smart device (e.g. phone or tablet, or computer).

Is there an App available to download?

Your customers don’t need to worry about finding and downloading an app!

Their phone camera can be used to scan a QR code at your table, which will then direct them to your dedicated menu page.

We do have plans to explore app-development at a later stage, and will keep you up-dated as MenuMog grows!

Are there any initial costs to use MenuMog?

MenuMog is an ambitious new start-up, and to encourage partners to trial our platform in this early stage, there won’t be any initial costs.

MenuMog will simply take a percentage of any orders placed via the platform as our commission.

I don't have a seating area, can MenuMog still help my business?


By displaying a MenuMog QR code in the service area, your customers can scan it using their phone to gain access to your menu.

With no need to take orders and payment at the til, the time it takes to service your customers will be vastly improved.

MenuMog can assign an order number with each order and alert your customer when it’s ready to collect.

Could MenuMog work with your business?